Aluminijumska Vrata

Aluminium Doors

When choosing aluminum doors most important thing is to select a series of profiles from which they are made. Durability and long-lasting flawless function of the fact that the door must meet. Besides the aesthetics and security intrusion protection.

During production of aluminum doors, MAXMARA uses the profiles of companies ALUMIL (Greece), FEAL (BiH), SCHÜCO (Germany), PROFILATI (Italy) i WICONA (Germaniy).

According to the types of profiles we classify them into two groups:

  • without thermal insulation, called “cold profiles” (we use it mainly for interior joinery),
  • with thermal break, tj. with insulating profiles, called. “warm profiles” .

Aluminium doors can be single, double or multi wings (the accordion doors).

Connecting profiles and sealing

Aluminium profiles are combined with aluminum mechanical connectors, and extra beautiful two-component glue for additional support and a better seal at the joints.

Sealing is done with two sets of special rubber (EPDM), which allows for maximum tightness door seals are compatible with grooves into which snugly. All angles are glued appropriate adhesive, so that a continuous seal.


The doors of our production program we use the highest quality hardware that provides closure and breech between the wings and the door frame in a few spots. This ensures a good seal contact area between the sash and frame and high security of provable.

In the aluminum doors (which are built on profiles by manufacturers ALUMIL, PROFILATI and FEAL) MAXMARA install:

  • the locks of Italian manufacturers ISEO, CISA i OMEC (the locks with one, three or five-point lock),
  • cylinders of Italian manufacturers ISEO, CISA, OMEC (standard or coded),
  • door handles and hinges from the Italian manufacturer SAVIO.

In the doors which are built on profiles by manufacturers SCHÜCO and WICONA we install their type shackles.


We use plasticized (a large selection of colors from the RAL card) or anodized profiles (limited number of colors – natural color of aluminum, bronze, gold color, etc.). It is important to choose colors carefully as the plasticized surface can subsequently painted. Maintenance of these profiles is very easy, just wipe them with a damp cloth, but it is important to emphasize that this occasion may not use abrasives or caustic chemicals.


Aluminum doors we vitrify vacuum glazing (double-layer or three-layer) that provide excellent thermal and sound insulation.