Shutters and brisoleys



Shutters are in addition to the carpentry that unless you excellent protection from the sun and provides protection against: wind, heat, cold, insects, prying eyes, but also from burglary and theft. In addition shutters allow natural ventilation.

According deception are divided into: shutters with fixed slats, shutters with movable slats and solid shutters (shutters).

Before you decide which type of blinds you buy, make sure you want to darken the interior of the room. Fixed blades are missing as much light as they are placed so that they are constantly in a semi-closed position (angled approximately 60 °) to allow continuous flow of air through them, but I can completely darken the room. Moving the flaps to be pivoted by hand, and there are several different mechanisms for rotating blades.

According to the method of opening, shutters we classify to: turn, folding, folding and sliding.

Shutters can be mounted directly to the window, to their cattle (frame) that can be set completely to the frame or directly to the outer edge of the facade. There is a “Z” design framework shutters making contact with the outside holes on the facade. Shutters may also be sliding on the outside facade or folding (accordion) and overlap the outside or inside of the façade openings (reveals) window.

MAXMARA in production program have shutters made ​​of PVC and aluminum.

Aluminium shutters

As the best solution for making shutters has proved to be aluminum. Some of the benefits of aluminum shutters over other materials are:

  • lightweight, strong and durable, 
  • easy to operate, clean and maintain,
  • longevity and resistance to all weather conditions,
  • possible regulation of moving blades to a complete blackout,
  • modern design,
  • almost unlimited choice of colors the RAL card or another (possibly imitation wood).

PVC shutters

They are made from PVC material that has an exceptional climate and weather resistance. Maintain optimum quality under the influence of aggressive marine environment and industrial pollution. In the chamber of all PVC profiles put steel reinforcement which guarantees a high level of stability and perfect functionality. The corners of the sash and frame (Stoke) blinds are made further reinforced corners reinforced weld shutters. Pvc blinds are easy to operate, clean and maintain. The color palette is limited (white, mahogany, black, oak, walnut, green). PVC shutters are also stable to sunlight and UV radiation.

For okivanje shutters use fittings ROTO (Germany). The fittings are made ​​of high quality steel. Finishing – plastification: black and white.


Brisoley’s are aluminum structures that are mounted to the exterior of the facade. They are used for protection from the sun.
Aluminum plates may be of different shape, width and spacing. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The slats can be fixed, but can be mobile. Moving the flaps can be pivoted manually or automatically through an electric motor.

Brisoleys are commonly installed in commercial buildings, but excellent fit and residential buildings of modern architecture.



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