Zimski Vrtovi

Winter garden

Today’s pace of life imposes on us a lack of free time to go out more often and spending time outdoors. Therefore, there is an increasing need for building and decorating conservatories that will be used throughout the year, not just in long and dreary winter days.

Winter gardens, whether it is a separate structure that is linked to the dwelling, or in the form of glazed terrace or balcony, visually connect the interior and exterior, making it a true source of nature that will fill you with positive energy. The glazed surface area attach extra comfort giving the feeling like you are always in direct contact with nature.

Although winter gardens have their benefits at any time, their positive sides are still perhaps most noticeable in the winter. Since the winter spend much time indoors as we often seem moody, winter garden in this case can be really of great importance. Enjoying the greenery in the warmth of your home during the cold winter days, become the needs and desires of many.

When it comes to the winter garden as a continuation of a living room or other rooms, then it is best to edit it in the same style that prevails in the rest of the room. If the conservatory a separate entity, then it can regulate a myriad of ways, regardless of the rest of the interior design space.

In order to take your winter garden enjoy the full power throughout the year, it is necessary to achieve a comfortable temperature inside the space, which includes high-quality glazing with good insulation. Given the fact that the glass takes up the most part of the winter garden it is important to choose a glass that has the best insulating properties. Most often double insulated safety glass, with one low-e glass, and the space between the panes is filled with argon.

Supporting elements of the structure of the winter garden are made of aluminijimskih profiles with thermal break due to the characteristic material strength, low weight and durability and resistance to corrosion.

Combining the system of opening and closing in the summer it can be used as an oasis of peace, and in the winter to enjoy the beautiful view of the environment that surrounds you. Opening and closing of the winter garden can be made by combining different systems of fixed and window elements to slide and folding doors.

Winter gardens to be built on the south side, as it will on the south side of the garden in winter to be illuminated by the sun’s rays to heat a pleasant interior garden, and thus somewhat reduce heating costs.
In addition, on the south side of the garden will receive the most light, which will suit most plants in the winter garden overwinter.