Security (armored) Doors

Security (armored)

Maximum safety, creative aesthetics, ease of use and high thermal insulation coefficient are the main features of security doors. MAXMARA offers security doors modern design acceptable for all architectural solutions.

Despite the robust and strong substructure, the final elements are trying to avoid rigid geometric lines, both on the wing doors that is lined with elegant wood panel finish, and the metal frame of the door, which is ultimately processed coating process.

The size and weight of the door is not an obstacle to easy handling and works flawlessly, thanks to a ball in Sarkau mechanism that enables the relatively small power door is opened or closed. Simple movements are locked.

The basic structure of the doors is made of corrugated steel, and filling of 2 mm steel sheet. The door has a lock in 9 points (3 are fixed, while the other 6 activate key strokes). The area around the locks has been fulfilled.

And in addition to all other requirements, at no point did not ignored the basic purpose of the door has already been achieved maximum security.