Continuous facades

The continuous (Classic) facades are facades system in which the outside of the visible aluminum roofing profiles that accompany aluminum louver facade. Series of aluminum profiles used for the production of continuous facades have a width of 50 or 60 mm. Tread depth depends on the static requirements such as height and raster facade, wind gusts, etc..

The space between the profile called “boxes” that can be filled with glass panels or other materials to achieve aesthetic or physical properties of the structure.

The facade have thermal break out the profile, ie. the outside of the aluminum profile (extrusion) is installed polyamide profile. For polyamide profile mounted aluminum profile with seals, and on his final cap (covering profile) that is plastificated in any color of the RAL card or natural color of aluminum. Different versions of the final cover (deep or shallow), we emphasize the horizontal or vertical direction to the surface of the object, ie. emphasize its height or width. Most often vertically mounted pronounced (deeper) cover a horizontal shallow.

The facade can install windows that open around the upper or lower horizontal axis, tilt and tilt, as well as the door of a series of compatible profiles.

The advantages of this type of facade are: simplicity, excellent insulating properties (thermal, acoustic), good sealing, classical opening and easy maintenance.

The disadvantage of this solution is the external visual difference moving from fixed components, but it is this detail can be used when designing the facade.

Series profiles a continuous facade can not solve all the joints of facades and roofs, angles, slopes, roofs, etc..

Erection of glazed aluminum continuous facade is possible on a steel substructure, concrete structures and the like.