Curtain walling

This facade is a multifunctional system, which in many geometric shapes closing opaque aluminum profiles provides product specific creativity and cost-effectiveness, simplicity, excellent insulating properties (heat, water and heat) are the characteristics that give a special quality.

Glazing complete facade shall be a two-layer or three-layer reflective glass parapet and also with reflective glass, which is further processed by quenching and combined with thermal aluminum panels.

This model have the option of facade window which is open to the outside around the upper axis by 30 degrees. The advantage of this system is the ability to combine facade (fit) with the majority of the profile window and door systems.

The view from the outside of the visible aluminum profiles covering 50mm. Schedule these profiles is more pronounced in the vertical to the horizontal, so that make up rectangles whose area is filled with glass. The size of these rectangles depends on the structure that is fixed to the supports for the building itself. Profiles construction with thermal break. Vertical and horizontal lines are connected to connectors that provide vertical and horizontal joints, or the size of the rectangular shape visible from the outside.