When designing the glass facade of a tendency to aluminum profiles are less visible, and the glass surface as large as possible. Because the elements of the support structure hidden behind glass.

Facades made ​​up predominantly of glass and aluminum profiles are only visible to its minimum width (15-20 mm) at the edge of the glass boxes of which is called semi-composed facade. This effect is achieved by the glass mounted in aluminum frames which are then implanted in the desired screen. This gives a safe design for the glass set in aluminum frame, which takes the main constructive function.

If the hue aluminum frame approximates the color of glass is achieved by compact, difficult to perceive aluminum frames and glass is dominant.

The elements of the facade, which is open in this type of facade does not differ from its other parts, although this can also be achieved. In this type of facade can be installed only windows that open outwards spinning around above the horizontal axis.

In this type of facade is a common use of thermal insulating glass containing fluorescent or Parsol effects (color). When glass is exposed to the direct action of the sun’s rays, we recommend thermal insulating glass Clima Guard Solar filled with argon gas, which is resistant to heat.

Half-structural facades provide:

  • maximum protection from the weather,
  • excellent thermal protection (a pleasant stay in both summer and winter),
  • maximum sound protection from the noise,
  • ability to use different types and thickness of glass,
  • great savings because incomparably less energy is spent on heating and cooling the building.

This solution is relatively expensive because of the high cost of materials, however, in the course of using the realized substantial savings because incomparably less energy is spent on heating and cooling.

Because you will not get a guarantee on the durability of the adhesive, as a result we have to apply less structurally facade, a semi-frequent, where there aluminum frames, ie. glass holders that are visible on the facade minimal.