Structural facades

Glass facades that are characterized by the fact that the facade is not visible aluminum profiles, only the glass, so that the façade has the appearance of a continuous glass panels are called structural. Facade running technique lijepljnja tempered glass aluminum profile special two-component adhesive that in this slučalu takes the main constructive function. So constructed glass facade characterized by a modern and attractive appearance.

The appearance of the facade is the same at opening, fixed sections of the facade and parapet. Opening windows is exclusively about the upper horizontal axis outwards (from the house).

Series of profiles for aluminum structural glazed facade are the same as for the continuous facade, except that it uses an external covering and a sub-profile (cover).

The facades are glazed thermal windows in which the outer glass has to be tempered or laminated, in order to avoid accidents due to glass breakage.

Systems structural facades provide:

  • maximum protection from the weather,
  • excellent thermal protection (a pleasant stay in summer and winter), sections that make up the structure with thermal and avoiding large heat losses and condensation phenomena,
  • maximum sound protection from the noise,
  • absolute waterproof in extreme weather conditions,
  • ability to use different types and thickness of glass,
  • large financial savings because incomparably less energy is spent on heating and cooling the building,

These benefits are possible due to insulating glass and specialty glass and aluminum profiles thanks to the work with a thermal break with increased thermal isolation filled parts of the facade.