Rolling shutters and blinds


Blinds are one of the best known and most widely sunroofs space. They are designed to provide protection from sunlight, wind, rain, snow, cold, noise and burglars. They are installed on the windows or doors to the outside hole to prevent the penetration of the sun’s strongest rays. In this way, the temperature in living and working spaces remains stable.

The blinds can be aluminum or plastic.
This division usually refers to the type of blades that are used for making blinds.

Aluminum blinds consist of aluminum slats. Each bar is filled with polyurethane which is a great way to sound and thermal insulation. Plastic moldings are based on RAL or anodised in natural aluminum color. Aluminum moldings are much stronger, more durable and less susceptible to the influence of external weather factors (not rust, it does not damage them water or air, are resistant to sunlight and do not change color for many years) as compared to PVC moldings. They are resistant also to a change of temperature in the range of -20 to +60 ° C.

Plastic blinds are made of PVC slats are filled with polyurethane insulation and have a lower strength and resistance to external influences. Plastic blinds are cheaper than aluminum, but much shorter duration and are not recommended for large openings especially if they are on the constant attack of sunlight. Standard white color and are available in colors Imitation wood (mahogany and golden oak). Raising the blinds is achieved manually by a mechanism with tape (tapes), manual gear on the crank or by an electric motor (with pushbutton control or remote control).

The blinds can be external or internal, depending on the box that was used to make them.

External blinds is applied when the window is already built, a construction hole processed. Blinds are applied to the outside of the window and the bar attached to the window. On the inside, the room, the window frames are mounted automatic static line progression or crank. It is possible to design and engine. One of the advantages of this type of chair is that cold air that enters from the outside in box blinds, due to the fact that the box has no contact with the room, it can not penetrate inside. In the case of repairs and maintenance mechanism blinds are accessible from the outside.

Internal blinds are installed along with a window, that attaches to the top of the window, before installation. The height of the window would not be too small, it is recommended that when making building openings predict the height of the box blinds. The best solution is that the upper part of the building openings left, tooth” followed by a blind box can be hidden, and the height of the window remains the same. Tape or crank out of the box directly into the room. It is possible to design and engine. As the cold air that enters the box from the outside cools the inner side of the room, this type of case must have adequate thermal insulation (Styrofoam). Access mechanism shutters, while repairs and maintenance, is on the inside.

Mosquito nets

All of the above blinds can be delivered with insect screen (mesh that is used for protection against insects) integrated in a box blind.

We also mosquito nets that are independently mounted on windows, doors and skylights. We make them in all sizes depending on the size of the opening. The edges of the mesh passing through the guides that are protected by a special brush to prevent damage to the nets. Retraction mechanism consists of a spring which enables the uniform withdrawal.