Steel systems

Jansen Janisol Arte 2.0

Jansen gives architecture new inspiration

The second generation Janisol Arte window system now comes with stainless steel and Corten steel profiles and a wider range of profiles. The integrated sealing groove simplifies and speeds up machining. In addition, a large selection of glass holders is available in a wide range of materials. A large variety of types of openings is ideal for the restoration of historic windows, but also for modern housing construction.
Burglary protection tested up to RC2
From now on, Janisol Arte 2.0 can be used for the production of single and double sash windows, which open inwards or outwards, as well as single-sash windows with tilting opening with continuous burglary protection up to RC2.
With a wide variety of types of openings, Janisol Arte 2.0 is ideal for the production of windows and fixed glazing in modern new buildings, as well as for the reconstruction of historic windows when the preservation of monuments requires an even more visible shift. Architects and planners can now use this creative variety even when burglary protection up to RC2 class is needed.

Window types / opening types
Swivel and double-leaf swivel windows with one and two sash that open inwards or outwards
Window with tilting opening inwards
Inclined opening around the upper horizontal axis and hinged opening outwards
Horizontal and vertical pivot windows

Special features:
Installation depth: fixed glazing 25 mm, window sash 40 mm
Window sizes up to 1000 × 2400 mm
Glass thicknesses from 20 to 47 mm
Maximum weight 150 kg
Option electric drives



Janisol Arte 66

Thin tilt-turn windows made of steel profiles – now also made of Corten steel

With the Janisol Arte 66 product, Jansen expands the system family with an attractive variant: a construction depth of 66 mm allows the use of thicker glass and a wing height of 2300 mm. This means that the type of opening “slope and turn” can be applied with special requirements for the preservation of monuments in narrow frames. Hidden fittings meet the requirements of architects and planners for consistent design and clear lines that do not allow any visual distractions. The process of installing fittings and glass slats has also been simplified for metalworkers. Machining with pressure seals or dry glazing is performed in the usual way, as is already known from the steel profiles Janisol and Janisol Arte 2.0 – this ensures a high level of process reliability.

Modern type of opening
Compatible with Janisol Arte 2.0
Hidden shackles
Free choice of handles

Window types / opening types
Swivel and tilt-turn windows as well as a sash window with one and two wings where the opening is inwards
Tilt window with opening inwards

Special technical characteristics
System depth 66 mm
Wing construction depth 70 mm
Fixed glazing width 30 mm
Window sash width 28 mm
Easy processing
Window sizes up to 1400 × 2300 mm
Glass thicknesses from 20 to 44 mm
Maximum weight 180 kg



Forster unico XS


Forster unico XS is a system that provides thermal insulated steel windows and fixed glazings with ultra-slim facings. At the same time, it opens up a diversity of applications. This applies to the numerous opening variations as well as the possibility of installing fillings up to 60 mm to achieve very low U values and excellent sound insulation values. The unique profile design made of 100% steel is ideally suited for renovating old or historic buildings and for modern glass constructions.






max. 1440 × 2440 mm

max. 2800 × 2500 mm (fixed glazing)

min. 360 × 520 mm


Uw > 0.84 W/(m²⋅K) forster unico XS

sound isolation up to Rw = 47 dB

System properties


mark according to EN 14351-1
leaf weight up to 150 kg
hidden fittings
fillings up to 60 mm (triple insulating glass)
laterally suspended, sloping, opening outwards and folding wings
burglary-resistant windows and glass RC2


FerroFinestra W20

FerroFinestra, which literally means “window iron”, means the right choice of hot-rolled, cold-formed

and laser welded steel window profiles. Steel windows were, and still are, the preferred choice of architects. Especially when their function is not to close a hole in the wall but a significant contribution to the character and overall appearance of the building. The minimalist aesthetics of solid hot-rolled steel profiles and their ability to shape windows are unique. Their slender lines seem to lose weight and give lightness to the frames, emphasizing the transparency of the facade. This elegance is difficult to match with the bulky profiles of alternative materials.

Solid hot rolled steel profiles
Classic “stepped foot” design.
Material thickness up to 5 mm
Self-adhesive seals that do not shrink
Fits double emissivity glass up to 21 mm
Selection of different glass beads
Fixed glazing, single-leaf and double-leaf, side and lower windows that open inwards and outwards, upper, vertical and horizontal revolving windows, windows and doors that open inwards and outwards




OS2 75 is a thermo break window made of precious metals,
with a minimum profile of 27 mm, a central node
between two windows of only 62 mm, a depth of 77 mm for glass
up to 50 mm. The system is the only one with all types of
openings, tilting and swivel, two-layer, swivel, lifting
and sliding, anti-burglary, giving you the opportunity to
always have the same part in sight.
There are more than 40 profiles to choose from,
where you can find solutions for any formal or
functional project requirement.
Profiles can accommodate recessed and non-recessed glass panels,
improve the boundaries of the monochrome area of ​​windows that
make the facade or make them invisible to the eye, place fixed or
opening wings accordingly in the design of facades.
Small profiles placed in front of the glass to fix it are
also design elements of the frame and are produced in the same processing as the window.


EN 12207 air permeability 4
EN 12208 watertightness 8A
EN 12210 wind resistance C4
EN 12567-1 thermal transmittance 1.04 W / m2K
PAS 24: 2016 burglary resistance PAS 24