Alu – Wood windows


Aluminum-wood joinery is our exclusive offer in the system with a thermal break, highlighted by thermal ( U = 2.6 W/m2K), and sound insulation (up to 52 dB ), and high safety standards.

The exterior side of the window is made of extruded aluminum with a thermal break, which is resistant to all weather conditions, and the inner side of the window is covered with wooden window profiles that give warmth and traditional beauty. Aluminum exterior protects the wood from weather conditions so that the tree remains nepromjenjenog looks and after 15-20 years of exploitation.

Aluminum is in this combination of structural ( load-bearing ) part and a aluminum-wood window kept all the qualities of traditional aluminum windows in terms of construction, and the wood lining on the inside made ​​him indispensable in some interior solutions. Aluminum-wood window is ideal for business and residential areas.

The wood trim is made ​​of American ash and offer five standard colors : white, black, walnut, oak and mahogany . Aluminum profiles have the advantage in terms of colors. We offer plastic profile ( virtually unlimited combinations of the RAL color chart or another color palette ) and anodized profiles ( two shades – natural color of aluminum and bronze).

alu-drveni-prozoriConnecting profiles

Aluminium profiles are combined with aluminum mechanical joints, and can also be a nice two-component glue for additional bracing and better sealing of joints. The combination of aluminum and wood made ​​by a special plastic hooks not transmitting stresses arising from the expansion and contraction of materials, and allow air circulation preventing corrosion due to condensation.


Prozori aluminijum - drvoSealing is done with three sets of special rubber (EPDM), following the concept of maximum tightness of the system. This means that the seals are compatible with the system profiles, or grooves into which snugly. All corners are glued appropriate adhesive, so that a continuous seal.


The system was available to all of the standard typology of opening: fixed windows, single, double, and specific typologies such as tilt and sliding windows, lift and slide doors and folding windows.
For a luxuriously designed facilities and large openings suggest lift-sliding door systems.
For standard typology used ROTO NT hardware (manufacturer ROTO), capacity up to 130Kg. For specific typology used irons from other manufacturers (SIEGENIA, GU, GEZE, etc..).

The Norms

According to EU standards that meet our windows are grouped in the best class.

Air permeability according to DIN EN 12207: Class 4
Resistance to driving rain according to DIN EN 12208: Class 9A
Heat transfer to DIN EN U = 2.6 W/m2K


Given the fact that the entire surface of the window 30% are sash and frame, and the remaining 70% of the glass as a standard version for wood-aluminum windows offer insulated glass low coefficient of thermal & sound insulation, that is.:

– Fleet 4 mm + 16 mm + 4 mm low-e argon-filled (double-layer glass)
– Low E 4mm + 12mm + 4mm float + 12 mm + 4 mm low-e argon-filled (three-layer glass).

By customer request we can deliver and other combinations.

Max therm 1.1
Low emission glass
Uw=1.1 W/m2K

*glass thickness is defined by static account
Max therm 0.6
Low emission three-layer glass
4x16x4x16x4 (Argon)*
Uw=0.6 W/m2K

*glass thickness is defined by static account
Max safety
Safety IZO glass
3.3.1x16x4 (Argon)*
Ug=1.1 W/m2K

*glass thickness is defined by static account
Max phono stop
Soundproof IZO glass
4.4.2x16x4 (Argon)*
Ug=1.1 W/m2K

*glass thickness is defined by static account